House Operations Manager (Adult Facility)

The role of the House Operations Manager is to ensure the seamless running of the safe house by assisting the Program Director to improve and maintain logistical systems and policies of the safe house. As well as assisting with fulfilling and maintaining the Norms and Standards as it relates to the operations of the safe house.

Overall responsibilities: Manage operations and logistics of the safe house. Maintain logs, registers and inventories. Ensuring resources and equipment are present and suitable for the effective running of the home. Liaise with House Mothers and Resident Care Manager. 

Requirements: Driving license. 

Necessary skills: Organized, leadership skills, structured, basic admin skills, flexibility, team player.

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Short Term Volunteer

The role of a short term volunteer is primarily supportive.  There are many details and moving parts in the running the S-Cape programs as well



Our mission is providing safe shelter, basic necessities, and individualized therapeutic and empowerment services for victims of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation to walk in freedom and power.  

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