Task team

If you have passion for people and enjoy seeing transformation in human beings, then S-Cape is the right place for you to get involved. The most important qualification for this role is a heart for people, decency, accountability, and teachability. National and international volunteers are welcome.

Responsibilities and commitment

We are looking for people who will be on standby and available to step in and assist the S-Cape staff with necessary tasks when needed. You are welcome to dedicate your spare time, and that would be minimum two hours per day/ per week; or one Saturday or Sunday morning per month. We value your time, feel free to check in with us and see where you may be of assistance.

The aim of this team is to give people the opportunity to support both the residents and S-Cape staff. Therefore, we welcome individuals and couples to join as it could be beneficial for the residents to witness healthy relationships. It is highly recommended, though not compulsory for an individual or a couple to do at least one activity (workshop, meal, outing) with the residents each week.

Training will be provided to people who are interested in joining the team. By signing up as a team member you will benefit in building relationships.


  • Police clearance certificate
  • Driving licence is preferred
  • Over the age of 18 years.
  • Enthusiastic and able to take initiative.

Have a look at the types of tasks. Please feel free to let us know if you have something else you are passionate about doing if it’s not on the list. The list of tasks is as follows:

  • Covering a shift at the Safe House. 
  • Taking and assisting residents with their clinic visits or medical appointments.
  • Taking the residents on an outing.
  • Picking a resident up from the hospital.
  • Driving the residents to an off-campus workshop.
  • Assisting with rides to the Base worship. 
  • Cooking a meal with or for the residents and House Mother.
  • Take the residents to the shops or going for a walk with them.
  • Running a workshop with the residents. 
  • Providing support to S-Cape staff member.
  • Assist with maintenance or gardening around the house

We are looking forward to introducing you to our awesome team. Should you have any query or concerns please feel free to contact us.

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Task team

If you have passion for people and enjoy seeing transformation in human beings, then S-Cape is the right place for

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Our mission is providing safe shelter, basic necessities, and individualized therapeutic and empowerment services for victims of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation to walk in freedom and power.  

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“Three things will last forever: FAITH, HOPE and LOVE and the greatest of these is LOVE”  1 Corinthians 13:13