Program Assistant (Long Term Volunteer)

The role of Program Assistant is a vital position in the day to day operations of the safe house and programming.  Program Assistants will be involved in a diverse range of assisting, planning, and facilitating responsibilities.  They may specialize in areas of interest, education, experience, or passion or fill in the general gaps and needs necessary for effective service delivery to the S-Cape residents

Overall Responsibilities: Running errands, assisting, and planning events and fundraising.  Office administration assignments, workshop and program facilitating.  House operations and Resident Care  responsibilities.  Some areas for possible specialized focus opportunities my include:

-Education-Fundraising-Social Enterprise-Administration-Maintenance-Resident Care-Human Resources-Finances-House Operations


18+ yrs of age

Minimum 2 yr commitment

Drivers license is preferred

Necessary Skills

Teachable and flexible hear

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Short Term Volunteer

The role of a short term volunteer is primarily supportive.  There are many details and moving parts in the running the S-Cape programs as well



Our mission is providing safe shelter, basic necessities, and individualized therapeutic and empowerment services for victims of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation to walk in freedom and power.  

TO DONATE: Standard Bank (Blue Route), Account Name: S-Cape Trust, Universal Code: 051001, Account Number: 270030271

“Three things will last forever: FAITH, HOPE and LOVE and the greatest of these is LOVE”  1 Corinthians 13:13