Social work internship

Are you currently studying Social Work, and do you need an 6m + abroad internship? S-Cape might be the place for you. We have been accommodating Social Work interns from overseas since 2018. It has been incredible to see how the role of an intern has become so integrated into our day-to-day work. So far, the interns have expressed that they love working in the S-Cape team and that they have learned so much from working with the woman and colleagues.

Unfortunately, because of the confidentiality laws, interns are not allowed to sttend therapeutic sessions with the residents. However, we are confident that the tasks you may do as an intern, will grow, and stretch you as a future Social Worker. You will gain new skills and experience that you can use in your profession as a Social Worker, and we will make sure you understand the role of the Social Worker in South Africa.

If this sounds exciting to you, please fill out the online form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Overall Responsibilities

  • Two office/administration workdays
  • Community development presentation alongside the Social Worker. (If COVID regulations allow)
  • Assist with Social Work admin where needed.
  • Facilitating weekly life-skills workshops to empower the residents.
  • Covering some shifts at the safe house and assisting the House Mothers in their daily duties. Here you will work closely with the residents, and you will be co-responsible to ensure a clear daily routine is maintained and the house rules are upheld.
  • Safe house administration (example: First aid kit monthly check-up, file registers and logs, printing necessary forms, finances)
  • Join Social Auxiliary worker in Social Support group meeting. This work will assist closer alongside the Social Worker to assist her in supporting the residents reaching their life goals.
  • Assist with the Social Enterprise skills workshop ‘not I but we’ where needed.
  • Help with ‘operations’ related tasks such as the following: administrative tasks, accompany residents during medical visits, providing transport, outpatient programs, assist with home affairs visits, participate in team meetings, and do house related tasks i.e., grocery shopping, etc…
  • Assist in the development of new systems that can support the well running of the safe house. As we are still a growing organisation, new guidelines and protocol must be created frequently to ensure a stable and clear foundation on how to work with the residents.


18+ years of age

Driver’s license is preferred


6 months and more

Necessary Skills

Teachable and flexible heart

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Our mission is providing safe shelter, basic necessities, and individualized therapeutic and empowerment services for victims of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation to walk in freedom and power.  

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