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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a burning question? Take a browse through our most frequently asked questions to learn more about what we do.

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No. S-Cape does not currently work to rescue women and children, however we do work with organizations that do. Our efforts are focused on bringing restoration to those who are rescued.

We are a member of the Counter Trafficking Coalition (CTC) of the Western Cape which has developed a Rapid Response that works closely with government stakeholders such as National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Hawks, Department of Social Development (DSD), Vice squad, etc. One of the CTC members also operates the National Human Trafficking hotline number. Once a victim is rescued we are one of the first shelters to be contacted. If we are able to take the victim, they are then brought to our safe house and the process of restoration begins

There is no a set length of time a resident stays with us. Each resident is unique and so is their restoration process. We work with each individual, asses their needs, and together with them create a personalized plan for restoration. Some stay a few months and others may stay a year or longer. We never force a resident to stay so at any point they are free to leave.

We have the capacity to house 8 residents in the Adult safe house, 8 residents in the Children’s Facility, and 3 beds in our 2nd Stage program.  

For our safety and the safety of our residents, we do not disclose the location of the safe house.