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Our Story

For over 10 years S-Cape has provided safety and holistic care to survivors of trafficking in South Africa.  As the first and only human trafficking specific safe house in the whole country, S-Cape has created a sanctuary, restored dignity and nurtured hope for women survivors and their children.

Love is what frees us all

Survivors often tell us that S-Cape is the first place they ever felt truly loved and valued.  

The majority of survivors experience abuse and other traumatic events far before they were ever trafficked.  Oftentimes these painful circumstances are perpetrated, or perpetuated, by those closest to the survivor.  “Love” becomes equated with suffering and some of the most difficult but important work is redefining what that powerful four letter word means.

Creating an environment of sanctuary and healing is impossible without love. 

Love says “I see you in your pain and I won’t leave you there alone.” 

Love says “you are good and whole just as you are, nothing that has 

happened to you and nothing you ever do will change that.” 

Love says “you are worthy of every good and beautiful thing you dream of.” 

What does love say to you? 

“He will restore them from oppression and violence, for precious is their blood in His sight.” - Psalm 72:14

The saFe-house


Girls and Children helped

Our history

In 2010 Miryam Cheripolld founded S-Cape after working with women stuck in a life of prostitution who were wanting to leave their pimps and traffickers. However, there did not seem to be a suitable home or shelter to assist trafficking survivors in their rehabilitation anywhere in the country. 

In January 2011, S-Cape was able to secure a facility and by March they opened its doors to welcome S-Cape’s first residents. In January 2013, S-Cape was offered a small building on a plot from the municipality and by 2015 S-Cape started the process of building an extension 4 extra bedrooms to accommodate 8 more women. 

Since then, S-Cape has walked with over 100 women and their children and seen hope flourish, dignity restored and healing realized.  

In Miryam's words

“Choosing to become a frontline instrument of love, hope, and healing in the life of a trafficking survivor is more than a job.  It needs to be a calling.  It demands patience, when giving every ounce of yourself only produces the slightest results. Perseverance to not give up before the job is done.  Faith, to believe impossible restoration is possible against a lifetime of brokenness and abuse.”

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